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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Al Quran Karim surah#3.Al imran(family of imran)verses110To136.

110. You are the best among all those nations appeared unto mankind, you command! To good, and forbid evil, and
keep faith unto Allah. Had the people of the Book believed, then it was good for them. Some of them are
Muslims and most of them are infidels.
111. They will not harmyou save annoying; and if they fight withyou, they will turn their backs fromyou, then
again they will not be helped.
112. Ignominy has been pitched on them, wherever they are, they shill get no security save a rope from Allah and a
rope from men,(they may get protection). They became worthy of the wrath of Allah and on them destitution
have been pitched. This is because they used to reject the signs of Allah and slay the prophets unjustly. This is
because they were disobedient and transgressors.
113. All are not alike. Among the people of the Book some are those who standright,recite the signs of Allah in the
hours of night and prostrate.
114. They believe in Allah and theLast Day and command good and forbid evil andrun for good works, and they
115. And those who will do good, their rights shall not be denied and Allahknows the God fearing.
116. Those who became infidels, their riches and children shall not avail them at all against Allah and they are the
men of hell and shall abide therein.
117. The example of that which they spend in the life of this world is like a wind in which there is intense cold; that
strikes the harvest of such a nation which wronged themselves, therefore it destroyed that, and Allah wronged
them not, but yes, they wrong unto their own souls.
118. 'O believers! Do not make strangers asyour confidants; they leave no stone unturned in harming you. They
yearn for what distresses you: Hostility appeared from their utterances and what they have concealed in their
breasts isyet greater. We have madeyou hear Our signs clearly, if you have wisdom.
119. Behold, it isyou who love them, and they loveyou not. Though you believe in all the Books. And when they
meet you, they say, 'we accepted faith', and when they are alone, then they bite their fingertips atyou out of
wrath. Say you, die in your passion' Allahknows well the thoughts of the hearts.
120. Anything good befall you it vexes them; and an evil be fallyou, then they are happy at it, and ifyou have
patience. And fear Allah, then their guile will not hurt you at all. Verily, their all doings are under the'
circumference of Allah.
121. Andremember O beloved! When you came out fromyour house in the morning, I am assigning to the Muslims
their positions for battle. And Allah is All-Hearing All -Knowing.
122. When two of your groups intended Cowardice, but Allah is their supporter, and upon Allah should the Muslims
123. Andverily, Allah did helpyou at Badr, whenyou were resourceless. So fear Allah that perhaps you may be
124. When O beloved! You did say to Muslim 'Is it not enough for you that your Lord should assistyou by sending
down three thousand angels?
125. Yes, why not, ifyou have patience and fear God, and the infidels came upon you instantly, then your Lord will
send five thousand angels with marks foryour help.
126. And thisvictory Allah did not make, save for pleasingyou and so thatyour hearts might get rest with it, there
is no help except from Allah, the Dominant, the Wise.
127. In order that He might cut a portion of the infidels or abase them, so that they may go back dis-appointed.
128. This matter is not inyour hand, whether He shows His graciousness to them forrepent fence or torment them,
for they are unjust.
129. And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. He Forgives whomsoever and
torments whomsoever He pleases; and Allah isFor giving Merciful.
130. 'O believers! Devour not interest, doubled andredoubled; and fear Allah, in the hope that you may get
131. And Ward off theFire which is already prepared for the infidels.
132. Andremain obedient to Allah and Messenger, in the hope thatyou be shown mercy.
133. Andrun towards the forgiveness ofyourLord and to such a paradise whose width covers all heavens and earth
is already prepared for those who are pious.
134. Those who spend in the path of Allah in prosperity and adversity and whorestrain anger and who pardon men.
Andvirtuous people are dear to Allah.
135. And those who, when they have committed indecency or wronged their own souls, beg forgiveness for their
sins remembering Allah, and who forgives sins save Allah? And do not persist knowingly in what they have
136. For such the recompense is their 'Lord's forgiveness and Gardens withrivers flowing underneath, they shall remain for ever there in ,and what an excellent reward is for workers.