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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

a respect of teacher in the socity

Dear friends in our country have an famous name MR ASHFAQ AHMED i saw his writing before that i little introduce him he is a noble man and he is very good writer i aslo like him and also he is professor/teacher now may be he retd from service he write in his story he is in Italy in the roam once a morning he was driveng t o where teaching on the road traffic police  cut his challan and he fined due driving problem that day he very much work there in his working place and its end up in the evening after that he rember i had challan in the morning now it is the too late any he next wake up and pre pare go the court and he reache at the court room there is the judge asking him why are delayed he start his statement and he sir i have yesterday very busy day i for gotten i was busy in teaching when judge listen he is the teacher before he did not  complete the statement judge says teacher is in the court room then they cancel the challan and all of them they present in the court room the make apology with him and they ask him very much for his disturbance
he says MR ASFAQ AHMED that time i new the secret of the that nations was developed country is why so dear friend in society we all respect our teachers and also over older but here is the different story some thing will in next part   thank you and GOD BLESS YOU .