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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Helping hand for others

Hello dear friends i hope all of you be fine and under the blessing the god thank you, as i write above in my topic helping hand for other its very difficult and un believe able topic but i try write some which i seen in past we are helping and arranging every thing for our own and and our family and relatives and also close friend we try to help them as possible but we never that about those people they don't have any one who work for them and they orphan ,how they are passing there time and how they manage there expenditures at least food and clothes is there right and also boundary wall s is  there houses i saw in the last Eid a family they are orphan and saw him them and ask question why are with dirty  dress in the Eid day they say uncle our papa is alive so mother is ill he on the bad we don't have money for there medic ens  which is more important then the our dress and food i that time my head was goes down with shame i ever feel this situation as much i can do for them i did but it is not enough for them there medic ens and also for good health good food and also education and dress every thing of the need which we society provide them its there right on us in the our earning there have a share which put for for them and there welfare then we dont to put head down that time head with proud will raise up ,and same time i saw a son of fedul (wadera) i our luggage he come with his people and wasting money one time that boy throne the some food item i saw that and that the our down fall slips on the our face. thank you i hope we meet very soon Allah hafiz.