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Friday, 11 July 2014


Hello friend every good evening i hope every one is fine under the blessing of the god thank you
to day is topic is wonder full may some one don't like that but there have some lesson r every one when we are living in the village in our child hood time we are going to our primary school which on distance from our home so we are daily going by foot and its near about one an half kilo meters which to much for us that time our ages are near about six and seven years w are few friends our from our village they give us company its our routine to go school and back in the near about 3/4 pm in the evening wit us also some older boys also we are going school to gather once day we cross from an a way between that have an agricultural land when passing from there we saw an old man is working in the there land we alo go there for drinking water when saw old man framour working he is putting there some new trees of mango ,we are surprise about that one of our colleague ask him uncle you are very aged are you sure you will eat mangoes from this tree he reply my son i don't about that but know when thing when the gro up and he will give the fruits which is also mango my sons and grand sons and there sons will eat this not for me this for them a gift from me and also when people come here with this way in hot weather they sit here and renumber me and they eat some fruits and  also so many birds come the eat fruit and the per pare the sitting place in tree that i live are die my soul will be feel proud when i live i work for my family and other when i die i left some thing which should give them good memories and also its saqu e jaria have it mean till this tree is standing i get some prays from every from human and also from animal and birds its the time for me joy and happiness then what i do more then that in the my life we got a lesson from the the that old baba means father old what ever doing which is the multipurpose and for others this the story of mango tree i hope all of you will like it thank you.